Agfa Eastman B&W film looks

Add a new look to your images with these seven film simulation based on Agfa Scala slide film and Eastman Double-X cinema film. These are files that will give you that organic B&W film look in a second, thanks to precise measurements by the Columbia University’s Computer Vision Laboratory. These film looks are based on actual film footage shot on specific film stock. The Agfa Scala film is not in production anymore, making these files even more valuable because, with them, we can produce images that faithfully replicate the old chemical process.

These are the film settings included in the set:

  • Agfa Scala B&W slide film, standard.

  • Agfa Scala B&W slide film. 1-stop pull.

  • Agfa Scala B&W slide film. 1-stop push.

  • Agfa Scala B&W slide film. 2-stops push.

  • Agfa Scala B&W slide film. 3-stops push.

  • Eastman Double-X Cineman film, 6 minutes development

  • Eastman Double-X Cineman film, 12 minutes development

The presets are distributed in a single zipfile, which includes instructions.


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