Reality artist extraordinaire Marcel2586 has generously given us a series of props to be used with Reality. Not satisfied with doing just that, Marcel also provided exhaustive tutorials and demos on how to employ the textures and props. All this happened in the Reality Forums, and if you are not a member you are missing out. The forums are free and they are the best place where to find great Reality information, support, and tutorials.

Free Lights, Props and Textures


This prop will give two types of beams. Marcel also provided a detailed tutorial on how to create the volumetric effect. You can find the beams here.

Star sphere

Star Spher

This prop can be used to simulate a starry sky. You can find the files and tutorial here.

The Moon

The moon

Finally, Marcel provided Normal and Displacement maps for a high-res image form the Nasa archives, providing an easy way to create a totally realistic moon in the sky. You can find the textures here.

I want to thank Marcel for his great contribution and generosity. The Reality community is filled with great artists who support each other, and this is just the latest example. You can find more at the Reality Forums.


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