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Hello again.

Let’s start with a bit of good news. I just tested beta 4 of El Capitan, aka OS X 10.11, and there are drastic improvements in the OpenCL drivers. We are now able to render one of the scenes from LuxMark that were not rendering before. This is with a MacBookPro Retina 15″, which includes an nVidia GPU. I heard that AMD is bringing similar improvements but I don’t have, yet, a way of testing that. Nevertheless, this is very good news. Hopefully the driver developers can go the extra step and fix it so that all scenes render and we will be in good shape when OS X 10.11 ships.

Reality 4.1 has entered the final stage of beta testing. No more new features, just fixes. We are now at the fifth round of testing with the sixth one possibly being the last one. There are some issues with the Glossy Translucent material and LuxRender 1.5 that need to be resolved. Glossy Translucent is at the base of the Skin material of Reality and so it’s a rather important material to render right. I’m working with the LuxRender developers to solve it. In the meantime we keep testing and optimizing.

Lastly, I wanted to announce that the submissions for our Reality Gallery on deviantArt are open again. Make sure that you read the updated submission guidelines and please post your work. We would love to see what you do and to showcase it in the gallery.

That’s all for now.


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