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Poser 11 will be released on Tuesday, November 17th and some of you want to know if Reality 4.1.1 is compatible with it.

The short answer is no, but don’t worry. I’m working on an update, version 4.2, that will support Poser 11. We are adding the finishing touches to Reality 4.2 and I hope to have it ready for the time Poser 11 is released, or just a few days later.

Reality 4.2 will be a free upgrade for all Reality 4 users and it will include also:

  •  Support for Poser Dynamic Hair
  • Fixes for the water material
  • Multi-edit for the “Revert to original” feature
  • Support for the Duplicate function of Poser
  • Several optimizations and bug fixes

Keep an eye on these pages for the announcement.


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