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Happy New year!

During the Holidays we have made some good progress in testing the new update to Reality 4. A few more issues have been found by our intrepid brigade of testers and we have now a candidate build that is in the final phase of testing.

Here is the list of changes that will be in Reality 4.0.5:

  • Revert to original now works with saved scenes. Please note that scene saved before 4.0.5 will not work. It will work for scene saved from this build onward
  • Animation rendering works for both Poser and Studio. Camera animation, which did not work in Reality 3 for Poser, has been fixed as well
  • Studio’s Edit | Duplicate is now supported
  • Studio’s use of grouped objects is now supported
  • Re-using the same Normal Map in multiple materials now works
  • Specular materials for V4, aka “silver lips”, now works as expected
  • Reality Simple Plane for Studio can be used multiple times
  • Renaming of Studio’s instances is now reflected in Reality
  • Camera renaming in Studio now is reflected in Reality
  • Camera selection in Studio is reflected in Reality
  • Application of Studio material presets should be faster

If no regression or stop-ship-bugs are found I hope to release this update in a few days.



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