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Hello Reality artists! Man! We had a busy week. last week we launched Reality on the DAZ store and that took like wildfire. In just a few hours Reality was the top seller at DAZ. Thank you very much to everybody who made it possible.

With this new development Reality is available via all the major distributors of Poser and Studio content. We believe in freedom of choice and this latest development give you the freedom to purchase through your favorite company.

Today Reality is available through these channels:

Code development

On the front of the new version of Reality a new beta went out today, number 25, with more fixes for materials, better handling of Studio shaders and first draft support for Genesis2 and DSON-imported figures for the Poser edition of Reality. DSON is still pretty tough to handle but we are making progress and right now Reality renders the DSON figures correctly. There is a little bit of manual setup to do but it’s very little and I hope to improve this by the time Reality ships.

Shine on you crazy diamond

Lucrezia mask for FB

We also started a new initiative, called “Shine“, to invite Content Creators to use the new Reality and start building presets for their products. We hope to have a good amount of presets shipping with Reality to make your life easier and to provide the best out-of-the-box experience.

That’s all that I can share for this week, thank you for your time.