Reality Documentation – the Reality User’s Guide

The Reality User's Guide

In this page you can find the Reality User’s Guide for Reality 4, Reality 3 for Poser and Reality 2 for Studio. These are the latest versions. The documents are in PDF format so you can easily read them on your Macintosh, Windows PC or portable devices. The Table Of Contents is completely interactive and detailed. With it you can quickly jump to any section of the documentation. For the Reality 3 for Poser versions there are video included. Those will play in your browser since they are hosted at YouTube.

The Reality User’s Guide includes detailed information and instructions on how to install both Reality and LuxRender. If you follow the easy installation instructions at the beginning of the guide you will be up and running in a few minutes. The Reality User’s Guide also includes vital information about LuxRender. Make sure that you read the introductory chapter in order to get the most out of Reality and LuxRender.

If you are considering if Reality is the right tool for you–it is–then the Reality User’s Guide is the right place to start. Unlike many programs in the market today, Reality comes with a very detailed guide that has been often praised as one of the example of highest-quality documentation in software. We hope that you will enjoy it

Download v.4.1 for Poser and Studio
Installation instructions for Reality 4.1
Download v.3.0 for Poser
Download v.2.5 for Studio