Rality Update

Hello Reality people!

Time for the weekly update.

In these days I’m spending an inordinate amount of time woking on skin shaders for all the characters of the Poser/Studio universe. I call it the “Poserverse” in honor of the founder of this great field of 3D art. I don’t mean to diss Studio with this term, it’s just  a shorthand, since Poser did start the whole deal, more than eighteen years ago. We do need a way to refer to the world of figures, props, environments that we use in Poser and Studio and Poserverse sounds pretty good to me.

So, anyway, I’m building shader sets for all the characters like V4, Genesis, Genesis2, V6, G6, A3, S3, S6, Alyson, Anastasia, Roxie etc. It’s a lot of work. We are talking about shaders sets, each set including between fifteen to thirty materials. All these shaders are going to be included with Reality and they will activate automatically.

For example, if you add V6 to the scene then Reality will automatically select the shader set for that skin. No need to do anything on your side. The effect will be to have gorgeous skin defined with spectacular SSS. Skin so supple and realistic that you will want to touch the screen.

While I was adjusting the parameters I found a few things that needed changes in the code of Reality. For example, it’s important to know when a material is part of a human figure. That piece of information can give Reality some clues on how to convert the material from the host, Poser or Studio, to its own format. This is not a matter of testing if the material is of type skin. Lips are usually rendered as Glossy and the Cornea is Glass, but it’s important to know if those materials are part of a human figure. That was not something that Reality knew how to do last week and this week there is a mechanism in place.

All this work at this stage is done to make your life easier. That is how Reality works its magic behind the scenes.  The goal is for you to get as much realism straight out of the box as possible.

So, work continues at full speed. Stay tuned next week for more news about the next version of Reality.

And to paraphrase the Human Torch… Render on!



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