Blog Development BannerToday I sent out beta 24 to the testers. In Reality development we call each new beta build a “drop.” Major versions are called “releases,” beta version are called “drops.” So Drop 24 was sent today to the testers. A lot of bugs and other issues have been found and resolved.

The development and testing is currently being driven by the creation of the Automatic Presets for Reality. For the next release I wanted to have a large number of presets available, so that you can get great realistic renders with the minim effort. The goal is to make realism easier than fakeism. There! I coined a new word 🙂

We have, right now, more than 270 presets already and we plan to have many more by the time the program ships. In fact we are going to announce a new initiative in two days, so keep an eye on these pages for the announcement.

The creation of these presets highlighted needs and issues in the code that are addressed as new presets are created. One of the things that make me proud is that with the next release of Reality we will be shipping presets for all the major generations of characters, from DAZ Generation 3, to Genesis. This image really shows the span of characters that Reality will supports with ready-to-use presets:

DAZ FiguresAnd this is not the full range, more figures are in the work. I wanted to highlighted this feature because there is a lot of content made for figures that are not on the cutting-edge today but that still provide wonderful features. Reality will give you the power to refresh those Gen 3 and Gen 4 figures and use them together with the latest and greatest characters that you download today. Reality will actually give you a way to get more value from your Runtime by making all your characters shine.

Poser users get the same treatment. We already have presets for Jessi, Miki 4, Roxie, Anastasia and we just recently added Ryan and Tyler. More figures will be added to cover the full spectrum of Poser content.

So, work continues ahead by fine-tuning the presets and the engine that manages it. I appreciate your patience while we work on these features. The result will be definitely worth the wait.


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