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Reality is a plugin and application that connects your 3D scenes to LuxRender, the Open Source renderer that is physics-based and unbiased. LuxRender gives you results that can compete with high-end renderer costing in the range of one thousand dollars but for free.

Reality for Poser

Reality for Poser connects your Poser scene to LuxRender and automatically imports Poser materials, including procedural nodes. This is a first int he Poser world. Reality gives you a fully featured material and lights editor that allows you to take advantage of the features of LuxRender, including physically-defined materials and procedural textures.

Reality for Studio

Reality for Studio is the premiere plug-in for DAZ Studio that brings you the power of hyper-realism.

  • Gain access to the extraordinary power of LuxRender with an ease of use and flexibility that is unparalleled.
  • Reality 2 for Studio introduces more than 60 new features and a whole new dimension in realistic rendering.
  • With Reality for Studio you can render scenes that can compete with the ones generated by software that costs thousands of dollars

Before and after

Left: Studio render. Right: made with Reality

Above: one light Studio render. Below: same but made with Reality


Helping 3D artists achieve their vision

Since 2010 Reality has helped thousands of artists to achieve their vision of photo-realism using the tens of thousands of products available for Poser and Studio. Reality is the first program that provided that support and today is still unparalleled for ease of use, accuracy of material conversion and artist-friendliness. Prêt-à-3D mission of innovation continues today with Reality 3 for Poser, the first third-party plugin that is able to convert Poser’s complex, node-based, materials.

Reality 3 for Poser can be purchased from our website, or via Renderosity and RuntimeDNA.

Reality 2 for Studio can be purchased from our website or via Renderosity.

A big thanks goes to the developers of LuxRender, one of the most advanced renderers available in the market, at any price. Their genius and generosity are simply amazing.

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