The next episode of The Blender Survival Guide, part 7, will be fairly intense and filled with lots of new techniques and information. Before we can tackle that task, which will be once again based on real life experience, we need to get organized and prepared. This week’s BSG is focused on gaining some essential tools to control our scene, from the “Tree View” (Outliner) to the use of Layers.

And while I have your attention, I want to mention that I’m constantly monitoring Blender’s evolution. While a lot of people have asked for tutorials about the upcoming 2.5/2.6 version, I find that it’s too much of a moving target to make it feasible at this date, mid-March 2010, to work on specific topics. I download the weekly builds, and I monitor the developer’s mailing list and it’s clear that there are still a lot of basic features that are missing; features that I find very useful in everyday work and that I’m not ready to give up just for the thrill of being on the “bleeding edge.” So, be patient but rest assured that once Blender 2.5 “gels” and reaches the beta status, new COW-worthy tutorials will be released.
In the meantime, enjoy part 6 of the BSG:…

Happy Blendering!

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