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Reality is in a very specific position. This program fits in between three different programs and several different technologies.

On one side Reality needs to talk with Poser and Studio. These two programs are completely different and the interface to them must be completely different. Also, those programs have their own share of idiosyncrasies and bugs. Without going in the details, both programs are designed to provide the notification, to a plug-in, of certain events, but how they do it is radically different. So, Reality needs to walk around those differences in logic while performing the same type of operations.

In the past week I uncovered two critical bugs in Poser that could have been the cause of some issues that we experienced in Reality. Those bugs will be resolved in future versions of Poser, but today I have to find a way of making Reality work without relying on some features of Poser that were expected to work.

On the other front there is LuxRender, which has its own series of challenges. In the past two weeks we had a few regressions that getting addressed as I’m writing this. All this is on top of the OpenCL/Mac issue that has been discussed last week. If three apps to deal with where not enough, now we have OS issues as well.

You can see that this is one tough balancing act that needs to be brought forward with care and attention.

All this is in addition to the challenge of writing the program itself. And since I try to provide the best, more stable, more user-friendly program that I can write, it might take a little longer to get there. But what I can assure you is that progress is made every day. For example,  Reality 4.1 will allow you to edit textures on multiple materials and on multiple objects at the same time. And that will not be restricted to just editing values, it will cover also texture transformation, as in converting one texture to another type.

So, I ask you for your patience and little longer, it will be well worth the wait.

Happy rendering!

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